Pagan Life Radio - blog - MMMmmm…Eggs in a Basket!

Yes this post is about that delicious breakfast treat "Eggs in a basket"...well sort of.

It is more over what I found while making lunch (yes, its not just for breakfast anymore!) for Michelle and I. After cracking the egg into the hole of my wheat bread I saw a crimson droplet of blood in my yolk. Seeing this I remembered a form of divination a saw while looking up information about cascarilla powder called Oomancy. This tasty and high in protein form of divination is something I have been looking into a bit more mainly because of my love of eggs and we go through about 5 dozen about every 2 weeks at my house. So far here is what I've learned and what I've experienced so far.

The etymology of Oomancy is derived from the Greek word ''oon '' meaning "egg" and ''manteia'' meaning "prophecy".

Other names for Oomancy include, Ooscopy, Oomancia, Ovamancy and Ovomancy just to name a few. Historically It was a common divination tool used by soothsayers in Rome and Greece and by the Druids. 

The most traditional way of preforming Oomancy is to separate the white from the yolk and pouring the whites into hot water and reading the poached shapes (it's low in cholesterol and delicious!). I have found a few meanings on the internet in my searching but after cross referencing other systems of divination and it seems that most people give the same meanings as if they're doing dream interpretation. I could see how that would work very well but as most signs each thing means something different to the reader. One example is that if your yolk makes the shape of a snake then it is a sign of a unknown enemy or danger ahead. for most people I could see that working very well for myself I would see it as a sign of a lesson to be learned. I think it would very much depend if you're an intuitive reader or if you like doing the "book" or "traditional" meanings for the way you read, but never be afraid to use your own life experiences and personal practices help you along. 

I am still researching and experimenting with Oomancy so if you are a practitioner of this divinatory method and have some insight on this please let me and your fellow PLR peoples know about it! 

So crack a few shells ask a few questions and let us know what you see in your next breakfast!

Thanks for reading and may your path be clear!
-Brent "Raven" G.

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