Pagan Life Radio - Blog - New Website! By, Raven

Hello and and welcome to Pagan Life Radio's New website!

I know its been a long  time coming but I have a lot more time since having a better job that frees up my time and makes it so i can focus on the show more. 

I have been looking at more way to make PLR better and working with Br. Bear to bring you more content on a regular basis. Soon there will be workshops, Classes and PLR live segments just to name a few things.

Also this Blog which both Br. bear, Myself and Maybe our newest edition to the PLR Dominick... He's small but a big  character! I have  been teaching him the beginning steps to the help him develop his path. I will be trying to at least post one blog entry a week about different topics that may or may not be on the show at some point. 

Thank you all who have continued to listen and those who have just started. We all appreciated it so much!

May your path be clear!