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Welcome to Pagan Life Radio, I’m your host Brent (A.K.A Raven); join me as I further my own path through conversation, research, music and fun!

November 19th, 2014    

Pagan Life Radio - In The Circle - 005 - SJ Tucker A.K.A. Sooj!

In the circle this episode is SJ Tucker or as I prefer to call her Sooj! PLease enjoy this amzing conversation with this amazing woman!

Check her out at:
Thanks and may your path be clear!

November 12th, 2014    

Where we going? Nowhere!


May 30th, 2014    

Pagan Life Radio - Crossroads - 003 - Meditation, Bloodlines and Deities!

In this episode Brother Bear and Raven talk about meditation and how bloodlines and Deities come into play!

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May 19th, 2014    

Pagan Life Radio - Episode 003 - DIvination with Raven and Ash


May 5th, 2014    

Pagan Life Radio - In The Circle - 004 - Not that Kinda Pagan!

In this episode Raven (Brent) Sits down with Brother Bear, Karmen Naccarato and a few others in a round table Kackling session!


April 28th, 2014    

Pagan Life Radio - Crossroads - 002 - Media and Magic!

In this long over due episode, Raven and Brother Bear talk about the pagan community in social media and what is magic!

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February 2nd, 2014    

I’m Still Here!!! (Mini)

 Here is a Mini Episode for you guys!

Music by


1) Alive - 2007 - Alive (CD)
2) Witches Brew - 2007 - Alive (CD)
3) Richard Parker's Fancy - 2007 - Alive (CD)


January 4th, 2014    

Pagan Life Radio - Video 001 - How to draw the perfect pentacle!

This is Pagan Life Radio's very first video segment. today im going to give you a step by step on how to draw the perfect pentacle!

Check out at subscribe to the youtube Chanel under the handle:


January 2nd, 2014    

Pagan Life Radio - In The Circle - 003 - OWOW its Aine Sulivan!

In this episode of In the Circle we have Aine Sulivan with Other Worlds of Wonder, OWOW for short!

Check them out at:

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December 24th, 2013    

Pagan Life Radio - Yule Special - 2013

Happy Yule, Winter Solstice, Christmas, of what ever you may celebrate. This Year I'm sharing a bit of my childhood with an Audio book episode of L. Frank Baum's, The life and adventures of Santa Claus. Read to you be me Raven.

I hope you enjoy.

-Brent "Raven"

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